For Parcel shipments

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Logistics Complex, via our vast array of resources and contacts, is able to offer a solution to fit your needs.

Whether it is for Canada, the United States or Mexico, Logistics Complex’s ground services can deliver your goods to the right place.

The parcels are routed by reputable transporters that have real-time tracking for your shipments.

The experts at Logistics Complex will consult with you regarding the multiple aspects of your ground shipments:

  • Packaging
  • Documentation
  • Price in dollars
  • Transport times


Palletized shipments

Warehouse Shipment

When a client has multiple pieces to ship to one destination, it is preferable to palletize the shipment. It means placing the merchandise and securing it properly to a pallet to facilitate the handling of the shipment. It is also profitable, from an economic point of view, to palletize multiple piece shipments.

No matter where in North America, the vast network of specialists at Logistics Complex can be counted on to provide the right service for your needs.

Logistics Complex specialists will assist you with regards to:

  • Documentation
  • Packaging / Stacking
  • Price
  • Transport time frames


For liquid shipments

Rear quarter view of a semi tanker truck on a highway hauling a flammable/combustable liquid. Some motion blur with focus on cab. Note reflection of highway on rear of tank.

Thanks to our commercial agreements, and to our expertise when it comes to shipments of liquids that are classified as Dangerous Goods, Logistics Complex enables you to ship your large volumes of liquids to their destinations.

The transportation consultants at Logistics Complex will help you with your liquid shipments in regards to:

  • Pumping
  • Cleaning of the tank
  • Purging the tank
  • Isotainers

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