Consolidated shipments (LCL)


Logistics Complex offers its clients the possibility of shipping a parcel or pallet by sea via consolidation services. It means regrouping your shipment with other shipments inside the same container that share the same final port of arrival. However, maritime transport can prove to be a very long.
Through our commercial agreements, Logistics Complex can ship your maritime shipments:

  • Directly to your client’s door
  • To a pre-determined port
  • Any other destination

Logistics Complex works in close collaboration with our clients to answer your needs.


Full containers (FCL)

Shore crane loading containers in freight ship

Logistics Complex can ship containers, dedicated to your merchandise, to precise destinations. Thanks to our key-in-hand service, it is possible to load a container at your installation and then have it delivered to your clients overseas. The experts in maritime transport at Logistics Complex will consult you with regards to:

  • Choice of container (20’ or 40’)
  • Full container or consolidated load
  • Segregation of your merchandise, even in the same container
  • Adequate stowage
  • Required Maritime and Customs documentation

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